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yealink vc880 video conferencingYealink VC880 Video Conferencing in Detail

For a business to grow and survive in the world of today, technology is an essential tool. To have a better edge over competitors in the same field of business, an organization has to operate at top-notch capacity. To have an advantage over other companies in the same industry, an organization needs to attain a balance that would boost efficiency in the work environment. Embracing innovation would increase productivity, socialization, and better teamwork.

A lot of organization has businesses spread around the world; making decisions might prove cumbersome and time wasting due to government policies, unequipped conference rooms, and geographical factors like time difference and long distance.

The Yealink VC880 is designed to give participants an excellent collaboration experience that seems so realistic, they forget about the technology and focus on the meeting. Perfect for large rooms, auditoriums, and board rooms, Yealink VC880 makes video collaboration seem very real.

The Yealink VC880 has cutting edge technologies with full HD conferencing system designed to maximize your video conferencing experience. It comes equipped with the strongest embedded MCU in the industry and supports 24-site HD video conferencing. Yealink VC880 supports 24-site HD video conferencing capacity that encourages high-performance collaboration to handle all problematic and demanding needs in the business world of today and into the future.

YEALINK VC880Yealink VC880 multi-camera solution supports up to nine cameras working at the same time to avoid compromising or sacrificing performance level for a large conference room space; providing users with the option of multiple cameras. Each camera has it’s own separate remote and can perform independently; it allows users to put all cameras in one picture or divide pictures into segments on the screen (large and full). Because Yealink VC880 supports multiple cameras, it’s easy to detect each participant in the room accurately.

For Yealink VC880 to perform at full capacity, connect VC880 and VCC22 cameras to PoE switch only with Ethernet cables; you do not require an extra power supply for VCC22 neither do you need new video matrix.

Yealink VC880 has a rich physical interface that allows audio and video connection; the device supports third-party camera connection and allows access to the video matrix. It also has a professional RCA-in/out interface that connects the mixer with the gooseneck microphone.

Yealink VC880 has a split-type structure that meets the requirements of the control room – separating it from a large conference room. Yealink VC880 combines three cables (power cord, video cable, and control line) into one cable to minimize cable clutter; giving you a clean and tidy work environment.

yealink vc880 diagramBenefits Of Using Yealink VC880

  • Quality: Yealink VC880 has a high-class impact video that improves teamwork and promotes excellent service delivery for conference rooms.
  • Better Performance. Yealink VC880 has a high-performance video and content sharing quality enhanced to perform better in big conference rooms.
  • Better Experience: The Yealink VC880 is the right-size solution for a big conference room to provide participants with a better experience; allowing everyone to participate and contribute all through the conversation.