Yeastar S-Series IP PBX

Yeastar PBX Dubai UAE
Adopting a VoIP Telephone system in Dubai is one of the most highly productive communication methods for any business ranging from small to midsize. Yeastar on-premise IP-based PBX systems effectively put your business communications. The New Yeastar S-series built with the company’s core principles of reliability, dependability, and affordability in mind. Yeastar telephone system makes it possible for even the smallest and most frugal businesses to enjoy the features mostly big companies had. Yeastar PBX Systems in UAE designed with small and medium enterprises in mind, and yet offers a professional level of product quality and usability.

Yeastar S Series VoIP PABX in Dubai support almost any connection – from SIP/IAX to E1/T1 and even cellular networks and links to the PSTN Lines. The Modular Design of this PBX System allows you to choose the type of line you want. As a stand-alone telephone system, the Yeastar Telephone system in Abu Dhabi offers features of the kind never before seen to small businesses. The number of user capacity of this PABX System ranging from 20 to 500.
This Telephone System in UAE offered a high level of security and easy management. The built-in firewall, TLS, SRTP ensure the VoIP Security. The Highly user-friendly web interface offers easy configuration. On top of that Yeastar offer, highly secure remote management solution allowing you to monitor and manage your premise telephone system remotely. The inbuilt VPN Server APP in Yeastar PBX Phone System ensure secure connectivity of remote locations without a VPN Firewall.
Yeastar UAE offers several features without any licensing Fee or per user license. It supports IVR, Voice Mail, Call Recording, Call Detail Records, Fax To Email, Free Linkus Mobile app and LDAP Server. Yeastar telephone system comes as a compelling package indeed. The S Series models include S20, S50, S100, and S300.
Yeastar IP PBX in UAE continues to impress with a versatile and powerful range of VoIP enabled systems for the small to medium enterprise. Unlike other brands, Yeastar offers a fully scalable telephonic system to meet with your call and communication requirements with efficiency and effectiveness. Designed to produce exceptional quality in performance and its calling functions, Yeastar ranges support anywhere from 10 to 60 calls concurrently and up to 300 users at a time, expanded to 500 in its S300 IP PBX models. Looking at the features and functionality of the Yeastar telephone systems, make a sound investment decision.

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