Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing

Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing

Yealink VC500 Video Conferencing System is a sleek, compact device including an integrated HD camera and a codec.VC500 offers two packages to fit in diversified needs. VC500 with wireless Mic pods and Wired Mic pods.VC500 Wired include 5-inch touchable VCS phone backed by Harman speaker and Yealink Noise Proof technology.The H.265 protocol ensures less bandwidth and maintains a high level of quality.VC500 offer insurance against up to 30 % of packet loss and provide stable video transmission.Yealink VC500 Conference System is a powerful video conferencing endpoint that is optimized for small and medium meeting rooms.



Yealink VC500 Video Conference System in Detail

Yealink VC500 is a sleek, compact device that has an integrated HD camera and a codec to provide an awesome experience to all regardless of the room size. It uses only one standard network cable that connects the TV area and conference table, which saves you time, space, and provides better communication.

Improved Conference Interaction and Collaboration

Yealink VC500 supports advanced content collaboration for multiple users at the same time; it allows various participants to annotate content sharing at the same time boosting highly efficient video conferencing. Yealink VC500 supports multi-party interaction on an electronic whiteboard, real-time synchronization of each party’s writing track and provides various handwriting options to create an excellent collaboration experience.

The Yealink VC500 supports local multi-screen interaction that enables users to pair with WPP20 for reverse control of the computer via touchable TV or CTP20.

Yealink VC500  Dubai is a dynamic, highly effective Video conferencing system presents distinctive options to offer customers with spectacular conferencing experience without clutter. The VC500 coming with 5X  optical zoom camera and PTZ performance. Yealink VC500 provide 1080P/60 FPS video calls, making your small business extremely interactive. The H265/ HEVC compression dramatically scale back the bandwidth requirement and resist as much as 30 % packet loss resulting from poor web connectivity. 512 KB dedicated bandwidth is way sufficient for conducting a wonderful video meeting. The inbuilt Opus and HD voice – backed by Harman audio system guarantee an excessive level of audio at high quality. Yealink Video Conferencing Systems are Identified for technologically superior options and out of the box thinking.

The VC500 camera can simply deploy on top of the usual LED TV. The VC500 cameras are optimized for even low light situations. The Yealink VC500 is obtainable in 2 models.

VC500-Wi-fi Micpod

This model using wi-fi DECT technology and provide 2 wi-fi mic pods. It optimizes mobility in addition to the neat connection while offering steady voice transmission.


This model contains the touchpanel.It permits the person to handle every part from the conference by its touchscreen.

Yealink VC500 DubaiYealink VC500 Specification

  • 5X Optical Zoom
  • PTZ Supported Camera
  • 1920 x 1080 video resolution
  • H.265/HEVC, H.264 High Profile, H.264, H.263 Video Codecs
  • Anti 30% video packet loss
  • Dynamic adaptive bandwidth adjustment
  • Remote Control VCR11
  • Vertical field of view: 52°
  • Pan angle range: +/- 30°
  • Tilt angle range: +/- 20°
  • CP Wireless Expansion Mic CPW90  [VC500-Wireless Micpod Model Only]
  • VCS Phone CP960 [ VC500-Phone-Wired Model Only]
  • 1080p60 people + 1080P30 content sharing video quality
  • Video Layout: Picture-in-picture (PIP)
  • LDAP phonebook